Water Everywhere

We had a quietly playful day in Greenville. The few times I checked aviation weather for our route, it felt wonderful to be on the ground. It was a refreshing day, after so much flying yesterday, and in such a fun place. Strolling the spiffed up downtown and splashing in puddles, ducking into shops and cafes along the way until we reached the (Reedy?) river again. A heron was patiently fishing next to the rock wall below last night's restaurant, highlighting how well the city has integrated nature and development.

I caught this angle on the footbridge that conveys some of the sweeping arc it makes over the river.

This is the view up-river with our restaurant at the right lower corner of the building and next to that on the left is one of the several theatrical venues we saw. You might be able to make out another pedestrian bridge beyond the Main Street bridge across the river.

Downtown has slow traffic and wide sidewalks, with an elegant canopy of trees.

It rained very hard once, but most of the day was light rain and fairly warm. We shot this from today's dinner choice a couple of blocks away from the river on Main, with a wicked muffin/ice cream/Kahula dessert at Trio across the street.

Tomorrow we hope to take flight again, hopping across GA for FL. We'll probably stop often to check weather, since scattered thunderstorms are possible and I'd like to stay well clear. We've also found a small airport in Daytona near our next destination where we can land and get my FAA pilot medical certificate. I just had a complete physical, but I need the mini one from an FAA "AME" because time "flys" (so to speak) and I thought mine wasn't due until next year. Pretty cool that we can take care of it right at the little airport!

We're refreshed from our day off, and Richmond feels like several weeks ago. Hope only two new states tomorrow doesn't seem too slow. :)

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