Angel Over Us

Another Good Omen: an angel passed over our heads today, delighting everyone. We were in a car driving from Ramona to Black Mountain, and the Blue Angels aerobatic team was doing a show over Miramar. We tried to spot them in the distance, managed to see a close formation and a magnificent vertical blooming maneuver. As we talked about that I saw one coming at low level and high speed. It passed directly over our car in a 90 degree bank with vapor trails coming off the wing tips. Breathtaking! I know you'll want to see the excellent image I captured of this. Alas, I know of no way to download it from my vivid memory and there was nowhere near enough time to grab the camera. So I hope these few words can evoke something in your heart akin to what we felt watching this fortuitous brush with aeronautical greatness. We'd intended to actually attend the show, but got distracted with everything else. Tomorrow we hope to get out early headed for Santa Fe, and pick at least one stop to stretch and refuel.

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