Home In The East

Today's flight from Bar Harbor, ME to Waterbury, CT proved yet again how close things are on the east coast when you're in a small plane. We took our time, added stops in the states we crossed (chalk up MA) and landed in CT after a couple hours' leisurely flying total. Can you tell I love flying in small planes? :)

We cruised down the coast past Portland and then on an impulse Anne wanted to see the Kennedy's compound in Kennebunkport. Since we'd done no research (do they even have something there now?), I relied on the tiny permanent restricted area over the mouth of the river (see the Photo page for a closer view). Another clue was the congregation of big black SUVs parked there, and what looked like Coast Guard speedboats zooming around offshore. We'd cleared it all with ATC, but the next controller we spoke to warned us to avoid it (luckily that was after we'd already flown over). Looks like a lovely little town.

When we landed at KOXC in Waterbury, another rainbow greeted us. This time it was a vertical band of colors on the sun. Also greeting us were Dad and uncle Ted, who took us to a fabulous family meal at his youngest son's place. Such a great way to begin our days based in CT!

Tomorrow we might move the plane to a different airport (KMMK) on the other side of Waterbury, because the parking here is apparently $25 - 3x the highest price we've paid anywhere in our travels across the U.S. The next highest was Chicago Executive where Flash rubbed wingtips with gazillion dollar jets, and they waived the fee when we bought a few gallons of fuel. Since winter weather is forecast for a few days, it would cost us a lot to leave it at OXC and MMK is free - plus there's a flying club where Flash could commiserate on being tied down or whatever club planes talk about when the pilots are away having fun without them.

Anyway, we're here safe and happy having flown many miles and still only covered perhaps a third of our Big Adventure. We're excited to see what's next.

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Nancy said...

How close things are when you're in a small plane! A couple of hours of leisurely flying to get from Bar Harbor, Maine to Waterbury, Connecticut. I looked on Mapquest and it says it would take you 7 hours and 19 minutes to drive it. --- I sure am enjoying your blog! Love, Nancy