Two Types of Happy Pilots

Sometimes pilots are happy to be flying, and sometimes they're happy to be on the ground. This afternoon falls into the latter category for me, as you'll see on my Photo page upload of today. This morning was passable flying weather, but we were able to work out a deal with the people at KOXC that lets Flash stay there affordably. Instead we took a drive with Dad & Ed, to experience a new Fall color: white. This snap with Anne's camera from the back seat is the best we've captured so far, but I'll probably go out with mine and try a few shots that aren't through wet glass. If I get anything better it will hopefully go on the Photo page sometime tonight.

Meanwhile we're enjoying the warmth of family and watching the news of Santa Barbara's near miss with mudslides.


John said...

We distracted into other things, and I never did go outside to snap snow pix. Maybe tomorrow there will still be some on the ground to tempt me out into the cold.

Nancy said...

I like the photo showing the wet glass! In the future, those droplets on the glass will always remind you of that drive with Dad and Ed - in addition to showing how it looks over there.

How wonderful that you are documenting your Big Adventure like this. I wish we had done the same thing for our trip this summer, and for all the other trips we have taken, but we don't know how!

This will be so great for remembering your trip. You could even make a book out of it! (Which you have undoubtedly already thought of.) I think it would be wonderful. I like the photos so much, and I love the friendly tone of your writing. Even if I didn't already know you, I would feel like I know you after reading all this.

Reading your blog reeeeeeally makes me feel like going on a trip again!

Love, Nancy