Migrating South

This morning we got a relatively early start so we could gobble up more of our "must see" highlights of DC. "Let's skip breakfast now and grab something along the way." As you've already guessed, aside from a cookie and some coffee we didn't eat until on the train at 1:30.

That did buy us time to visit some meaningful places and chat with people from all around the world, including DC. A couple from UK told us DC is a 5-visit minimum city, and their favorite in the world. We got misty at the Supreme Court contemplating rule of law, where two Presidents with vastly different style and values can peacefully and amicably transition.

We got misty on the steps of the Capitol where our representatives can disagree vehemently and still (sometimes) find common ground in the interests of the people. Adding a note of populism was some sort of Marine Corps marathon with a band playing and people along the route cheering them on (and nearly all transportation in the city shut down to make way for them).

We were moved by the new native american exhibit on the Mall, and wished for time to go inside.

By the time we reached the Air & Space Museum, I had tears in my eyes. This is a place I've yearned to go since childhood, almost since the birth of my dreaming of flight. Even looking at this dinky pic of The Spirit typing this, I'm misting up again. Dreams can come true.

The bird's eye view of the city we'd been told of turned out to be great for small birds. There were vertical cables an inch apart perhaps to keep people from jumping as they do from bridges. We didn't even get off the elevator, instead racing to catch the next train back to a real bird's eye view: from Flash.

Taking off from New Castle (Wilmington, DE) we got permission to land near Patuxent River, MD. That's where Anne was born while Dad was there as a test pilot, and today was the first time she's ever been back.
After a short stop, we took off over Leonardtown where she lived as a toddler.

It was so smoggy we decided to skip our initial goal of seeing Chesapeake Bay and just head for historic Richmond, VA. Our decision was rewarded by a spectacular sunset.

Tomorrow our plan is to do some state hopping. Possibly the most in one day we've done so far. As you know, there are often differences between the flight we plan and the one we take.

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Nancy said...

I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only person who has been so moved by all this that they got misty and teary over it. I "came of age" during the Vietnam war and the first political actions I took in my life, even before I was old enough to vote, were going to anti-war demonstrations. I didn't anticipate that I would get such a rush of patriotic feelings from visiting Washington, DC, but I sure did. I am so happy to hear that you were so affected by it, too.

Imagine! Anne visiting the places of her early life for the first time since being born there!

I think this whole trip says a lot for the wonders of being retired, with the freedom, time and ability to be able to do all the things you are doing. You guys are really making retirement look GOOD!