We're sitting in the airport waiting for the free shuttle in Bah Hahbah. People seem to look at us strangely when we say it that way though. Though it's beautiful right now, looks like weather will close in tomorrow so we'll either stay two nights or join the migrating birds low along the coast in light rain in the afternoon, determined by the balance between weather conditions and island fever. We flew over it before landing, and it's glorious as you'll see when I have time to process some pix. Nearly everyone on the air traffic frequency was saying Barr Harrborr just like me, except for one guy who elicited silence by saying it correctly. Half an hour before we got here a wiseguy controller in Boston pushed it mockingly, telling the hapless pilot he was clear to dial in the Baaaa HaaaaBuhh frequency. We've been saying it with the accent long enough that we might slip up in town and get blacklisted or something. Of course, my current attire has probably already assured that - I haven't seen anyone else wearing Keen closed-toe sandals (much to Anne's annoyance). Hey, how else can I shout California tourist?!

Speaking of Keens, we had the most glorious stop in Keene, NH where Beth sweetly loaned us a car. We drove the beautiful mile or two into town with two uber-qualified jet pilots in the back seat, and got great food to go. So many memorable stops along this adventure, we'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Any sponsors? ;)

Well, I'm going to get ready for the bus...


Nancy Oster said...

It's raining in SB. Not a lot, but enough to make my plants smile.

John said...

We've been watching the EdHat articles about the storm. Hope it doesn't rain hard, because people below the burned hills could get slides.