Beach Day

Went to the beach, and Anne waded in the warm Atlantic. Flash is all serviced and eager to get flying again. We went on a quest for Key Lime pie, but not finding any of the "genuine" meringue type maybe we'll make a hop down to Key West tomorrow and get some.

Today we saw many aspects of this area, ranging from old Floridian seaside homes to the ultimate in New Florida this evening: Disney World.

This was a very full and entertaining day, and our precious hosts tirelessly showed us a small slice of what they love about living here. Delightful!


Nancy said...

Hey! Key West! Will you please post some pictures of Key West, and tell about it?

I've been told that Key West is really "my kind of place" and that I should certainly go visit there, and that the only danger about doing that might be that I wouldn't come back, I'd just chuck it all in and stay there. I've never been anywhere near it so I don't know if this is true or what. What do you think? I'd be interested to hear your opinion.

I'm glad you are enjoying Florida and I can hardly wait to see your next installment of the Big Adventure!

I love you,


John said...

As you've probably seen by now, we decided to delay our flight to Key West until the next trip. I even contemplated (briefly) a flight out over the open water to the Bahamas, but we'd have been listening so intently for any untoward sound from the engine that flight wouldn't have been total fun. It's pretty quick, but any freak problem with the engine would lead to unpleasantness. Frankly, similar concerns added to the weather in our choice to head toward home rather than fly along the causeway to Key West. Now we have even more desire to return!

Nancy said...

I'm glad you didn't fly to the Bahamas! Last night I saw something about the Bermuda Triangle on TV and that's exactly where it is! Of course they don't mention all the airplanes that fly that route without incident - must be millions. They told about the ones that went missing, and then how the rescue plane sent to find them went missing, too! I'm glad you didn't fly there!

We'll just have to wait until next time to find out more about Key West!

Love, Nancy