Rain Delay

We're sitting in last night's hotel room with checkout kindly extended by the front desk, hoping for weather to lift just enough for us to scoot closer to FL. Meanwhile we've been browsing the web and our pix from NYC. I just posted one to the Photo page (see Links, upper-right on this page). Since several people have expressed interest in a snap of us riding Central Park, I took another look for one. This is the closest we have, and none of us both actually riding.

We'll try to find someone willing to stand and snap us riding by next time we ride it. Meanwhile there are probably several dozen pix of us in C.Pk. already online, because even the most jaded New Yorkers at least took a furtive glance when we passed. Many took pictures and cellphone videos, and when we stopped by that angel fountain near the lake three cyclists examined the bike in detail. One was snapping away and taking closeups of the methods, so maybe she'll try to patent it.

As for today, it looks very unlikely we'll be flying so we'll probably shift to a hotel a few blocks further into town. We're so glad to be in a city we enjoy, with so many small reminders of home.

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Nancy said...

Thank you for posting this photo of the bike! Looks like John goes on the front, with Anne in the back. One question: where do Anne's feet go? I don't see anyplace for her feet!

How wonderful and profound that you are traveling not only in space but also in time, all the way from birth to who-knows-what-is-to-come. It seems like this trip is so much more than just a trip. It feels like a cocoon out of which two beautiful butterflies will pop out, changed.