Numbers Game

We've started counting things, and as of tonight here are a few numbers:
  • Days away from Santa Barbara on this trip: 35.
  • States where we landed at least once on this trip: 37.
  • Airports landed on at least once: 60.
  • Most hours flown without landing: 3-1/2.
  • Most hours flown in one day (with breaks): 6.
  • Fastest speed (with tailwind): 180 mph.
  • Approximate hours flown at maximum speed: 18.
  • Approximate hours with headwind: 1-1/2.
  • Approximate hours with tailwind: 80.
  • Hotels used at least one night: 20.
  • Nights in tent: 0.
  • Nights in accommodations provided by friends & family: 14.
  • Approximate number of miles we flew on this trip: 9,100.
  • Approximate number of photos taken with two cameras: 9,500.
  • Miles covered by bicycle: 7.
  • Days bicycle used: 2.
  • Countries visible (not counting Oz): 3.
  • Number of U.S. states where we haven't flown a small plane: 7.
  • Number of countries where we've flown a small plane: 2.
  • Number of posts to this blog about this trip so far: 46.
Things I'd like to figure out (but probably won't):
  • Months, miles & expenses required to roughly duplicate this trip by car.
  • Number of people who have ever flown in a small plane.
  • Number who have landed in more than one state or province in a small plane.
  • Number of people who saw at least one page of this blog.
  • Hours invested in editing and posting words and pictures.
  • Number of photos anyone else will ever see.
  • Number of photos we will ever look at again.
  • Number of times one or both of us exclaimed in wonder and/or delight.

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Anne Wiley said...

Mementos purchased:
2 hats, 2 mittens, 1 scarf (all in Maine)
Gifts for others: 1 tiny jar of jam, 1 bumper sticker (both in Maine)
Fall leaves collected: 1
Fall leaves remaining: 1/2, plus leaf dust