Here's another pic of the morning market we enjoyed in Tallahassee.

Our flight to New Orleans was mostly hazy, but this rippled shoreline near Biloxi fascinated me.

Landing at the smaller Lakeport airport, we saw some evidence of Katrina but from the air mostly things seemed either rebuilt or removed. Our cab driver into Big Easy shared heartbreaking stories of his personal trials from the storm and aftermath. Still, he spoke of resuming his tuba playing to join a band. He gave us tips on where to go for the best parties and music. Before long we roamed the French Quarter and beyond, joining the sort of glorious celebration that New Orleans does best. Sometimes all eyes were on the street, and sometimes everyone would celebrate a balcony display.

Some of the costumes were dark, and some of the revelers were silent and serious.

We saw jesters watching and walking amid the smiles and cheers, with almost sad expressions. I wondered if there were more such participants in festivities since the storm, with so much suffering still fresh.

The juxtaposition of life and death walks these streets, as it has since early days.


Nancy said...

Wow! Halloween sure was a lot more lively where you were than it was here in Santa Barbara!

John said...

It's difficult to imagine we'll ever have a more amazing Halloween in this lifetime.